023 – Building

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I’ve continued working on the piece I shared with you in entry 014 – Drum Programming. As it turns out, this music will be used for a ‘behind the scenes’ video project for a friend, which I will share if/when it materializes. I usually don’t write music like this, so it is another way for me to stretch myself in different directions to expand my creativity. Recently that’s been pretty beneficial, especially doing the Disquiet Junto for the past 3 weeks.
I would say that my primary influence when writing this was Bonobo (his music is fantastic), even though this doesn’t quite sound like him. Last time I shared, this music was primarily a beat created from a chopped up drum break along with the bass part I played on my P-Bass. Since then, I replaced the kick with a sampled one from a Sequential Circuits Drumtraks (an awesome drum machine), added a vibraphone, recorded myself playing my Jazzmaster guitar for chords, octaves, and a single note part. There is a lot of sidechain compression used in this track to open up things so you can hear the kick nicely. I still have a little bit of mixing to do, but it’s almost done.