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Thing-a-day blogs (inspirations for this blog)
dust breeding – marcus fischer
uprlip – jared smyth
the b-roll – charlie visnic
aesthetic complexity – guy birkin
audio cookbook – sound design
david andree – artist
disquiet – ambient/electronica
effervescent airwaves – seth chrisman
environmental sounds Рmatt r̦sner and seaworthy
hydrophones by jez riley french – affordable hydrophones
mono-log – a sound a day on nord modular by martin j. thompson
mm-cc – morning music & coffee consumption
freunde von freunden – creative people in their homes/workspaces
william basinski – creator of the beautiful and melancholic disintegration loops
beavis audio – a wonderful stompbox diy resource
future sequence – experimental music label
phillip stearns – creates glitch art and tapestries
jason irla – glitch art, author of databending studies

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