021 – Ben F.

This was done as an experiment for the Disquiet Junto and is a tribute to Benjamin Franklin, inventor of the Glass Armonica. This piece was produced using 3 different stemless wineglasses tuned to the pitches B, D, and E. There were 4 tracks recorded in ableton live in realtime. Each track was pitch shifted down 2 or 3 octaves and delayed using the KT Granulator plugin. Some eq, compression, and reverb were applied to the master track. What you hear is an excerpt from a slightly longer improvisation with the glasses.
Overall, I was happy with it…it was a challenge to set up a system that I could improvise with in real-time. I used my laptop for this since I did not find the wine glasses to sound terribly pleasing to the ears…they can be rather piercing at times. Pitch shifting them did the trick, but I still felt the need to equalize them a little bit. Hopefully you enjoy this piece as a soundscape. What I am learning from all of this is how to create interesting and different sounds using all kinds of source material.


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