228 – Sound Mangling with Photoshop

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Continuing with my databending experiments, today I used the following procedure to create this sound.
1. Recorded a sine-based pad in Logic and bounced a segment to an MP3 file.
2. Next, I changed the file extension from MP3 to RAW and opened with Photoshop.
3. I created random shapes and things in the raw image (the picture above)
4. Re-saved it and then changed the file extension back to MP3.
5. Used Soundflower to feed the audio back into Logic while it played with quicktime player.
6. Edited out overloaded/peaked parts.
7. Bounced to final result.
The reason I used Soundflower to feed the sound back into Logic to record it is because Logic crashed when I tried to bring the mangled file back into it. If you decide to try this procedure, please make sure to keep your volume DOWN. You can get unpredictable results, peaking, distortion, and other sorts of strange behavior.

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