027 – Enroute

This is a remix of Marcus Fischer’s song “Nearly There” from his new album “Collected Dust”. This is the fourth Disquiet Junto project.
I used 2 out of the 10 stems that were made available to us (stem 3 and 10). In addition, I added some electric piano parts of my own and a field recording of the rain that I recorded last week.
This particular project was a lot of fun for me because Marcus is one of the people who inspired me to do a thing-a-day blog. I am 27 days into the project and have a great appreciation of what he accomplished during his year doing Dust Breeding, where he posted one creative project/thing for a year. In fact, I might not be participating in this Disquiet Junto project if I was not pursuing this goal. Thanks for the inspiration Marcus!

Disquiet Junto

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