008 – Grey

Grey is the name of a song I wrote and recorded today, January 8th. This was created for another project that was conceived by Marc Weidenbaum of Disquiet.com. I enjoyed doing the Instagr/am/bient project in December, so I was intrigued when he announced he was looking for people to contribute to another project.
What Marc started is a Soundcloud group called the Disquiet Junto. He explains – “The idea is to use restraints as a springboard for creativity. My hope is that after people have posted their work, we’ll all discuss it in the comments to those tracks. I’ll write about the projects on Disquiet.com to get the word out about your efforts.” If you are wondering what a “Junto” is, click here for a wikipedia article on Benjamin Franklin’s Junto.
The assignment was: “Please record the sound of an ice cube rattling in a glass, and make something of it.” I am fascinated by the fact that limitations can foster creativity, so I was happy to participate. “Grey” is a song I wrote using a recording of ice in a glass, guitar, ebow, ukulele with electro-harmonix freeze pedal, and electric piano.


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