204 – Water Down Stone

The inspiration for this track came from the opening of chapter 17 of William Gibson’s 1986 novel Count Zero. It was created for the 29th Disquiet project.
To create this, I used a field recording I made of a stream in the nearby Schenley Park in Pittsburgh. That was the main requirement of this project, using a recording of water and relating it to the quote, which says it is “one of the oldest songs.”
I used a sine tone to create the bass and pad sounds were created with KT Granulator. The main, short, bell-like sound was created with the Disco DSP Discovery plugin and Logic tape delay. I set the tempo of the song to 160 so that the delay would sync to what I thought the tempo of the water felt like. There is also a Korg Monotron buried deep in the mix, creating bubbling sounds.
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