089 – Fixed

If you’ve been following this blog, you might know that I recently got a Yamaha TX81Z synth. Things had been going well, but then it started rebooting itself, as if the power had been turned on and off. At the same time, my SM Pro Audio M-Patch 2 started acting strangely as well, with the volume knob only affecting the right side of the stereo field. The M-Patch is a passive volume control that I put between my computer/MOTU 828 and studio monitors.
I opened up the TX81Z and examined it today. The battery looks like the original, so I plan on replacing that at some point. There was a little bit of dust on the power switch, so I simply cleaned it off with some canned air. After doing this and putting it in the rack, it hasn’t reset itself yet, so I’m hoping that fixed it. If not, I will have to try replacing the battery/fuses/power switch. I also was able to fix the M-Patch by reseating some all of the ribbon cables that attached the outputs to the volume pot internally.
One other thing I did today was relabel my patch bay so I can use it more efficiently, as well as update the labels in Logic so that they match. Very glad I did this today, along with troubleshooting my electronics…I feel empowered. There is still more to do – I have a broken tape deck and an old record player that buzzes and has a broken speed knob. The plan is to do some spring cleaning soon, clearing out things and organizing them. All of this is helping me to focus and regroup so I am ready for upcoming projects.