052 – Found

This past weekend was a busy one for me. In addition to doing the hydrophone recordings at the lake and working on the Disquiet Junto project, I also had a chance to visit an antique shop called T.J. Haaland’s in Sharon, PA. They have a ton of stuff and it’s always changing, so it is a lot of fun to go there and see what’s new when I’m in town. I stumbled upon a bunch of old thick glass slides. These two really caught my eye so I bought them.

These two slides have markings on them that say they are both from 1910 (either the slide or the photos used to make them) and were owned by the New York State Education Department. I plan on using these to make something using photoshop (not sure yet) and I might possibly frame them on a white background. Today’s project was cleaning them off and scanning them in using my Epson V500 scanner, which can scan positives & negatives.