j butler / music and sound



Comprised of songs written in 2011, using material and field recordings collected over the previous 2 years. Although created using electronic means, many of the pieces draw inspiration from natural sounds and surroundings. "Buhl Park" uses a bed of drones meshed with a recording of crickets and children playing in the park, while "Dream Analysis" was inspired by a storm siren heard throughout the piece.  


J Butler - electric piano, field recordings, guitar, lapharp, photography, sampler, synthesizer

Mastered by Taylor Deupree at 12k  


Listen and download HERE  


Features and mentions:

Transporter, Buddha Machine Remix of the Week - (March 2012)

Cuisine - Ambient, Drone, Experimental & Noise, curated by John Doak- (April 2012)

Ambient Music/Scoop.it - curated by Headphone Commute (December 2011)

Fade to Yellow - radio show in Austin, Texas (Dec 2011)